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Every few months in Jackson Heights or virtually, we've been holding intimate classes to prepare for baby! The three classes are Your Birth Experience (childbirth preparation), Your Breastfeeding Experience (preparing for feeding baby), and Your Baby Experience (preparing for the "fourth trimester" for both parents and infant). These classes offer a powerful way to connect with your deepest values and wishes, with your partner/support person, and how to best communicate these wishes with your care providers. Each class comes with a parent guidebook for you to keep. You may choose to do one, two, or all three!

December Class Series to prep for baby!



New Parent Support

Do you have a new baby? Are you looking to connect?  Are you excited? Isolated? Overwhelmed? Wanting to share how it’s going and get support? Birth and parenting ignite changes that are both joyful and challenging. Join in conversation and community during your postpartum time. We will follow the interest of the group; however, class topics will include the following:
*Birth and Parenthood
*YOU—self image, body image, self-care
*Baby Blues vs Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder
*Sleep & Soothing  *Tummy Time and Play
*Coping Skills & Techniques *Establishing Healthy Boundaries  
*Partners and sex *Relationships—old & new, childless
*Differing Parenting Philosophies
*Returning To Work (or not)


Virtual New Parent Support in Astoria:

with Dawn!


Virtual Ongoing New Parent / Breastfeeding Support Group 

Monthly on the second Tuesday at 10:30am 

RSVP on Event Brite to get the Zoom link!

Upcoming Meetings: Dec 8 at 10:30am eastern!

Lactation Support


Gather into our circle of support. People who are well supported have greater success meeting their breastfeeding goals—let’s be there for each other. Share what it’s been like for you, what you are needing and what you have learned. Tap into your intuition, trust yourself, your body, and your baby. We support you in finding the infant feeding methods that work best for your family.

Several of our doulas are also lactation or breastfeeding counselors and can offer prenatal breastfeeding classes or postpartum support to help you troubleshoot those early days of nursing your baby. We are currently offering virtual lactation support. Please contact us to learn more and for help!




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