Jaye Maynard McClure


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Jaye has been in the birth business in the tri-state area since 2014 but had her first birth while a freshman in college supporting her roommate with an adoption. She has birthed twins in CT, supported single parents in NJ, and home births in BK, as well as most of the major hospitals in NYC/BK.



Jaye Maynard McClure attended her first birth while in college and fell under the birth spell of life-affirming transformation that is the gift of the work of labor, delivery and the childbearing year. She has learned from her own reproductive journey much of what she shares as a Perinatal Health Educator. She lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with her husband Spike, and is currently receiving continuing education and training in The Manhattan Birth Masters Program.



Jaye is an Advanced Holistic, Hospital and Postpartum Doula, trained by The Matrona organization. Jaye is a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor with additional certifications in CPR, and NRP. Jaye especially loves the wonder weeks of the 4th trimester, supporting, negotiating and confidently reinforcing newborn care during overnights and first weeks as baby enters your lives as newborn parents.