Chandley Logsdon


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Chandley offers support to women and their partners before, during and after childbirth. She is also a plant-based postpartum chef.

As a birth doula, Chandley views her role as helping to facilitate a safe and positive birth experience. During labor and birth, she is by your side with positive energy, judgement-free support, and as your advocate and representative. Her goal is to protect your space and facilitate an empowering experience and a positive memory.

As a postpartum chef, Chandley creates warming, restorative, plant-based foods in your home and leaves you with nourishing meals that will last throughout the week. Her goal is to connect you to your food, support healthy milk supply, and relieve you of kitchen burdens during your recovery. By sourcing, soaking, cooking, and storing foods without adding to the waste stream, Chandley proves eating doesn't need to have a negative impact on Mother Earth. All plant-based foods, and zero waste.

Chandley was born and raised in Ojai, California. She was trained by DONA International and holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from UCLA. She has over ten years of childcare experience and has dedicated herself to slow food. Chandley lives in Astoria with her partner, Peter