Breana Davis



Breana is a champion for reproductive health and a doula to an amazing 70+ families.  During her career she’s had the opportunity to work alongside a variety of alternative health professionals where her love for understanding the human body and the power of mind-body connection grew. She is currently on her way to becoming a Certified Professional Midwife at Midwives College of Utah.


As a doula, Breana tries to create a space where clients feel supported and cared for during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. She provides space for careful decision making through insight and education related to health systems, the physiology of birth as well as offering emotional and physical support. Her care style has been influenced by previous clients, personal reproductive health journey and experience witnessing systematic harm. 


During your working relationship, you can expect a careful ear, requests for consent, questions about your experience so far and your hopes into this next phase of your life.